The holiday season is here and that means it is time to travel. A pacemaker can make things a little more inconvenient but it doesn’t have to get in the way of enjoying the holidays. We believe that a little bit of extra care and planning can do a lot to make your holiday trip go smoothly.


Bring a Medical Device ID Card

The single most important tool for traveling with a pacemaker is a medical device ID card. It is usually best to carry one at all times but it is especially important when traveling. The card will have information about you and your pacemaker on it. 

This information can save your life during an emergency. It ensures that emergency services will be aware of the device and make the right choices for your care. It can also help to get you through security in some cases. Be sure to check the information on the card to make sure it is up to date before you hit the road!


Plan for Security

A pacemaker can make the trip through airport security a little more interesting but security staff are trained to deal with it. They simply need to know that you have a pacemaker. Show them your medical ID card and make it clear that you have a pacemaker. 

Your pacemaker might set off metal detectors and you should warn them if that is the case. The exact policy for searches will vary between airports but may include a full body scan, a quick pass with a security wand, or a hand-pat search.


Find a Doctor at the Destination

It always pays to be ready for emergencies. We believe that everyone should know where to get help if their pacemaker fails or they have another serious issue. Take the time to find a specialist that works near your destination that can help you if you need it. Most people will never need to get that kind of emergency help but it is always better to be prepared than to waste time looking for help after you need it.


Plan Your Trip Early

These preparations will make it easier to travel but it will take some time to get ready. After all, you may need to do some research to find the right doctor or get an update for your ID card. That means that it is absolutely vital to start planning for your trip as early as possible. That will save you from rushing at the last minute or skipping preparations due to lack of time. 


Talk to a Doctor

The best way to stay safe and comfortable is to have a chat with your doctor about traveling with your pacemaker. A good physician will be able to give you personalized advice that can help to deal with any unique circumstances that surround your case. They can also answer any questions that you may have and help you to work out a travel plan. 

When it comes to your health, there really are no substitutes for getting in touch with qualified medical professionals, such as the SLMA team. Located in South Louisiana, SLMA specializes in a wide range of medical issues and is equipped to meet the needs of their patients with personalized attention.