When to Say Enough is Enough

It takes extreme willpower during the holidays to walk away from an extra helping of turkey or a second piece of pie, but too much of a good thing can be bad, experts say.

If you’ve been working hard all year to exercise and eat healthy, don’t blow it in the last month of the year by binge-eating through the holidays.


The marvelous machine that is your body is built to let you know when you’ve had enough – if you pay attention. If you wait until your pant’s button is about to burst, you’ve definitely overdone it.

Scientists say the stomach isn’t what tells us we are full, it’s our brains reacting to chemicals produced when we eat and drink – but it takes time for this to happen (and 20 minutes). So, even if you don’t feel full, wait before you go for a second helping.



Pay attention to how your stomach feels when you are hungry. Now, drink a glass of water and see how you feel. The empty sensation in your stomach should fade within a couple minutes of drinking the water. The next time you eat, pay attention to how your stomach feels. Once you feel a gentle pressure, stop eating. If you feel so full that you are uncomfortable, you overate.



  • Drink water 10 minutes before each meal
  • Have another glass of water with your meal, sipping frequently, to slow yourself down.
  • Chew each bite about 15 times.
  • Once you feel full, stop eating.
  • Cravings you experience before your stomach is empty are mental — not physical urges.

Work with your physician to set appropriate nutritional goals for your lifestyle.