SLMA Comprehensive Health Clinic: Your Premier Destination for Expert Healthcare Services

Welcome to SLMA Comprehensive Health Clinic, your trusted partner in achieving optimal health and well-being. We are honored that you’ve chosen us to meet your healthcare needs, and we are committed to providing you with courteous, professional, and informative care.

Your First Visit: Streamlined Introductions and Personalized Care

During your initial visit to our clinic, we strive to make the process as efficient and seamless as possible. To expedite your check-in, we offer the option to receive essential paperwork via email or fax before your appointment. This paperwork is crucial in obtaining comprehensive insights into your medical history, current health status, symptoms, medications, and family medical background. To ensure the accuracy of your care, we recommend:

  • Bringing a list of your current medications, doctor’s notes, lab results, and any relevant medical documents.
  • Having a valid picture ID, insurance cards, and copayment ready for a smooth registration process.

We emphasize the importance of providing accurate and thorough information in your paperwork, as this forms the foundation of the exceptional care we deliver.

Navigating Your SLMA Experience: From Arrival to Expert Care

Upon your arrival at SLMA Comprehensive Health Clinic, you’ll be warmly greeted by our friendly front office staff, who will verify your details and set the stage for your visit. Once the check-in is complete, you’ll be guided to our well-equipped examination area.

Here, our team of skilled and compassionate nurses and medical assistants will address any questions you may have, ensuring you feel comfortable and informed throughout your visit.

Meet Our Diverse Specialties: Tailored Expertise for Your Health

At SLMA, we take pride in offering a diverse team of specialized physicians, each dedicated to providing top-tier care. Our specialties include:

Primary Care Providers:

Primary Care Sports Medicine:

Surgical Team:

Podiatry Services:

No matter your medical needs, our expert team is here to offer tailored solutions and comprehensive care to ensure your well-being.

Comprehensive Care for All: Insurance, Self-Pay, and Payment Plans

At SLMA, we are committed to making quality healthcare accessible to everyone. We accept a wide range of insurance plans, ensuring that you can receive the care you need. For those without insurance, we offer convenient self-pay options, and we also provide flexible payment plans to accommodate your financial preferences.

Experience Compassionate Excellence: Your Journey with SLMA

Choosing SLMA Comprehensive Health Clinic means choosing a healthcare provider dedicated to your overall health and satisfaction. Our team of dedicated specialists, comprehensive services, and patient-centered approach ensure that you receive compassionate, high-quality care every step of the way.

Welcome to SLMA Comprehensive Health Clinic, where your journey to better health and well-being begins. Contact us today to experience the SLMA difference


Address: 605 Enterprise Drive, Suite B
Houma, LA 70360

Phone: 985-262-1639   |   985-868-4890
Fax: 985-262-8197

Mon – Thurs: 7:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Fri: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM


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