Kimiyo Harris Williams, M.D., FAAP is board certified in Pediatrics. Dr. Kimiyo Harris Williams is based at the Pediatric Clinic at Chabert Medical Center.

Why did you choose to go into the medical field?

As a little girl, I admired my Pediatrician and decided I would be a doctor. I enjoy studying science and mathematics, so medicine is a natural fit. My passion is healing and wellness, so the medical field allows me to work in my destined area.

 What is your favorite part of practicing medicine? 

There are many rewards in practicing medicine, but my favorite part is creating trusted relationships with my patients and their parents/family. It’s been my experience that building trust fosters healing and wellness.

 What is your least favorite part of your job?

The least favorite part of my job is treating patients who are terminally ill knowing that care will not be enough to heal them.

What do your patients say about you?

I have had the unique opportunity to take some time off from practicing and during this time, I have learned first-hand about what patients are saying about me.  I often receive messages from my patients stating, “you are the best” and “we haven’t found a doctor like you.” That warms my heart, not in an arrogant way but in a humbling way, to know that my care made a positive impact on my patient’s lives.

What interests you most about working at SLMA /Chabert Pediatric Clinic? 

Working with the community of patients and staff to improve health and health outcomes.

 What are your key responsibilities within the clinic? 

My key responsibilities within the clinic include outpatient and inpatient pediatric medical care; education and training of future physician residents; experienced advisor to mid-level providers and staff; strategic contributor with executive experience to workflow, organization and medical practice.

 Who inspires you?

My children inspire me.  They empower me to be a great example for them and the youth in our community and the world.

 Do you have a motto or personal mantra?

“Self-care is Healthy Living” is my motto. It gives my friends, family, patients, the community and me the “green light” to invest in caring for ourselves as we care for others because if we are not healthy, we can’t effectively care for our love ones.

What are you most passionate about professionally?

Professionally, I am most passionate about decreasing health disparities, advocating for health equity and influencing change by education.

What most excites you about your work and the contribution you make?

I am most excited about my influence and ability to empower people to practice healthy lifestyles. Working on a national, regional, and local level with the National Institutes of Health All of Us Research Program, I have been able to contribute greatly to decreasing health disparity gaps in many communities.  I am extremely passionate about improving health outcomes in the community by providing quality, professional and personalized care for all.

 What are you passionate about personally?

Encouraging and investing in the health of my family is one of my personal passions. In addition, at the top of my list is fostering an environment of diverse, global, quality learning for my children.

 What is your favorite pastime outside of work?

My favorite pastimes outside of work include attending or watching professional and college football with family and friends; attending Broadway and Off-Broadway theater performances; hanging out with my husband and kids.

 Any volunteer activities or nonprofits you love and why?

I devote a lot of my time to volunteering in the community as a member of several local and national non-profit organizations.  Two of my affiliations include Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and Jack and Jill of America, Inc. As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. for over 31 years, I currently serve as the Physical and Mental Health Committee Chair for my local chapter.  Our chapter host impactful community engagement activities to educate and promote health and wellness partnering with key national and community partners. As a member of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. my volunteer efforts are focused on empowering and equipping our youth in leadership development. I serve as my Jack and Jill Chapter Chaplain. I have also served as a LDH volunteer health ambassador since 2020; conducting webinars to educate the community about COVID-19.  I have also volunteered as a board member for health advocacy non-profits.  Additionally, I serve as Co-Chair of the Louisiana Regional Advisory Board for the NIH All of Us Research Program LSUHSC All of Us Regional Team.  I am currently a part of the Delta Research and Educational Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on empowering African American women and their families.  I serve with the Research Matters for All of Us Initiative to engage and educate the community about the NIH All of Us Research Program and the importance of participating in biomedical research. To learn more visit:

Lastly, my husband and I are the founders of Community of Love, a non-profit organization established to champion community needs by developing, cultivating, and connecting leaders to build communities of love. Our mission is to eliminate the enemies of poverty, disease, and miseducation by elevating awareness, empowering knowledge and encouraging charity. To learn more visit:

 Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself?

I am excited to be back doing what I love, practicing pediatrics in our great community. Caring for my previous patients and my new patients brings me joy.

SLMA and Chabert Medical Center is pleased have dedicated medical personnel such as Dr. Kimiyo Harris Williams on our team, and we look forward to serving you. Call 985-873-1730 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kimiyo Harris Williams or one of our other dedicated professionals.