Why did you choose to go into the medical field?
Pursuing a medicine specialty has been my passion for as long as I can remember. This is a challenging and fulfilling field that encourages interpersonal and professional growth.

What is your favorite part of practicing medicine?
I take pride in caring for and interacting with patients in order to promote health and wellness.

What do your ideal clients say about you?
Compassionate and thorough. I listen to my patients’ complaints in order to understand their needs. It is important to treat the patient not just the disease.

What interests you most about working at the SLMA Comprehensive Health Clinic?
SLMA shares my vision: high quality care for patients is our priority. I love the dynamic of the workplace environment and the team mentality of SLMA. The clinic incorporates systems-based practice, where the entire health care system is utilized to care for patients.

What are your responsibilities of your position within the clinic?
Evaluate and treat medically complex patients with endocrinopathies such as diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders including fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules, pituitary dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction, bone and mineral metabolism disorders, hypoglycemia, lipid disorders, and gonadal dysfunction.

Who/what inspires you?
I am thankful for the patients who inspire me every day to practice medicine and better myself.

What are you most passionate about professionally? What most excites you about your work and the contribution you can make?
I enjoy developing rapport with my patients. The biggest reward is taking that extra effort to make a difference for patients and seeing them recover from their illnesses. The biggest contribution I can make is allowing patients themselves to become an active part of their medical care.